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2020: Fashion as World Building

World building, often associated with science fiction writing, video game creation or role playing games, is all about constructing the details of imaginary worlds. Although rooted in fantasy or utopian thinking, this activity is a powerful way to approach transformation of everyday reality. By daydreaming and creating imaginary worlds that reflect everything we wish the world to be in real life 2020, we can begin to see paths forward. IMMEDIATE Fashion School invites you to join us as we play with creating fantastic rearrangements of everything from politics, power structures and culture to bodily and sensory experiences, communication styles and social relationships. Fresh arrangements impact psychic realms and inevitably express in our aesthetics, including how we dress our bodies and appear to one another. From fashion, art and architecture to tools and everyday objects, our material worlds are bound to our systems and structures like a perpetual feedback loop, and imagination can enter this loop from anywhere.



December 5th, life-stream on Twitch 6.30P -8.30P CST.  


An online collaboration between experimental new media artist Casey Alfstad and fabric and soft-sculpture artist Steef Crombach. During a two hour live-stream they will be receiving audience submitted images that will be projection mapped on to their physical installation.


Digital interaction has become our main source for socialization during the Covid-19 pandemic. Instagram curated advertisements, unsolicited dick-picks and doom-scrolling are forming our subconscious still life.  Is there consent to our perception and are we aware of the vulnerable areas within our autonomy? 

Alfstad & Crombach’s use of open sourced un-curated material mirrors this system, and makes it part of their physical space, sharing in the vulnerability of our collective experience by giving the beast a physical form. 


MAP SLAP shows insight into the mystique of new media and delivers an interactive way of gaining awareness and responsibility over the perception of daily life in the online realm. 


Find information on how to attend the life-stream via their Instagram: @freeverbs or @steefcrombach and slide into their DM’s to submit images that will contribute to their digital palet.


Dec. 11th, 2pm - screening & artist talk @the_museum_of_pocket_art 


this show is a
video book
consisting of
brief “pages”
arranged in
a suite

in total, an essay
in the singular, a poem;
each page a “poem”

the suite comprises
variations on a theme

it is a theory
having pathos
but lacking definition

an ambiance;
a field of meaning of
which one can enter
but from which no
can be derived



December 16th, 7P CST.  


Ritual is the skeletal system that creates structure in our lives and communities. It marks time, highlights significant events and focuses our attention. In this workshop, we'll be discussing ritual as activism and the ways intentionality in ritual can be a part of a larger effort towards decolonization and anti-racist/oppressive/capitalist culture building.

Facebook event page

Zoom link


December 20th, 7P CST.  


In celebration of the longest night, the winter solstice, we pause in ritual space to re-orient ourselves around the rhythms and cycles of the season. Participants are invited to bring a candle, stones, incense and a warm drink to help set the tactile space.

Facebook event page

Zoom link

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December 19th, 12P CST. IG Live @bossbabesatx


Join multidisciplinary artist, designer, educator, and creative entrepreneur, Coelina Edwards for

a virtual art experience on how to upgrade your sock collection.  Are you looking to add a special touch to your outfit?  Are you a sneaker head looking for the perfect sock for your kicks?  Or do you just love tie dye and want to have fun cozy socks to wear around the house?  Come just to watch and learn, or play along with your own socks and basic tie dye kit.


December 19th, 4P CST.  IG Live @kuniklo_collective


Kuniklo presents “small gathering”, a 20 minute live performance of

costumes and video projections. In the digital distortion of events we

lose track of the space that can surround the people with whom we

speak. In this performance, we will immerse and inhabit our space,

hide in it, get lost in it. The performance will be a split screen

between The costumes of Olivia Warner set to the projections and music of Michael Kraft and the performance and music of Lembra Riviera Gonzales and the costumes of Cheraya Esters.


On Transfuturism and Queer Collaborations: An Artist Chat and Teaser with p1nkstar and Hotel Free TV

December 27th, 2-4 P CST.  


Join us for an artist conversation with p1nkstar, and Myf Mars and Jordan Kolevach from Hotel Free TV, to unveil their latest collaboration "Girls Like Us" – a live music video experience centering and celebrating the work of trans music artists in Central Texas, scheduled to premiere January 28.


You can expect a discussion touching on trans futurities, the importance of local music scenes, artist resiliency in times of crisis, and the artist's own highly-engaged collaborative practice.

RSVP on Eventbrite

Sing With Me 4b.jpg



December 29th, 8-10P CST.  


Get ready to dream sing on the full moon, as Jenny Parrott leads a collaborative singing and song writing event with the incredible Fawn Wood !!!

If you are a shy singer/writer, have never written a song, or are grammy nominated, whatever, THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

Jenny & Fawn will begin by discussing songwriting and singing thru the lens of positivity and world building. Then we'll get into breakout rooms and collaborate (or you can be shy with your camera off, your choice!). The goal is to imagine the world we want and to sing about it joyfully, and with Hope. Safely, on ZOOM!

Event is free, but all donations will go to the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.

RSVP on Eventbrite



December 30th 7:00P CST.  


Worlds within a world is a virtual art piece composed of video and image projections inside of an inflatable 3D structure. Created by Delilah Rose Knuckley, the art piece will be live broadcast on Instagram live. Video, sounds and images will be a compilation of work created by Delilah Knuckley and selected work submitted to her. This is a literal creation of a world that exists in the physical and digital planes.

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