Friends - DIY Jumpsuit/Pant Pattern (2018)

I’d like to introduce you to some friends of mine - J and P (jumpsuit and pants)! The idea of these garments being friends was inspired by the Constructivist artists of the early 20th century.  They thought of their everyday art objects as friends or comrades, and equals, rather than as possessions or commodities of desire. I really love the idea of treating my clothing items as I would a loved one, respecting their agency and creating space for them in my life for a long term. I made my friends in the spring of 2017 and it didn't take long before we started spending most of our days together. I anticipate we’ll all be pals for a very long time! I invite you all to make some friends - the full pattern and DIY sewing instructions are forthcoming.

In the mean time, have you ever played the card game SET?  See if you can match up the Synchronized Social Fashion all-star player cards below based on their STYLE variables:

Photos: Melissa Christy

STYLE Variables


Variable 1 -Jumpsuit Color





Variable 2 - Shirt Print





Variable 3 - Accessory



--Sun(glasses) accessory

Group three cards together where the style variables are either all the same as or all different from each other, for each individual variable.