Synchronized Social Fashion - Exhibition Game (2018)

Photos: Melissa Christy

Synchronized Social Fashion is a game that demonstrates and tests a proposed method or protocol toward building a fashion of the future that is more equitable and empowering for all fashion’s players. It is a meta-game where players call a special time-out within the game of dominant fashion to play another game. This transitional game state is an art form of building and designing, and might be best understood as an infinite game with players continuously building toward a more perfect fashion, where the object of the game is to continue the game itself rather than establish winners and losers. Synchronized Social Fashion is a game of activism that relies on cooperation rather than competition, and involves players being in physical presence with one another so that their communication is time synchronized. Players are together with others in actions and movements like those of a chorus line or coordinated choreography troupe, sharing how their bodies move together in rhythm or synchronicity, except the moves are always changing and being learned. In Synchronized Social Fashion, those movements are abstracted to mean other types of action like artistic research, art making, alliance building, mental strength training, dialogue and the embodiment of an ethos or a way of praxis. Working together in unfixed, temporary teams that are never in competition with each other protects against the development of hierarchies and individual power struggles, and supports the spirit of shared leadership and improvisation.  The magic of the sport is in its manifestation of collective effort, group intelligence and emergence. Synchronized Social Fashion was directly inspired by the methods and pedagogy of IMMEDIATE Fashion School and not only acts as a metaphor or symbol for its ideas, but is also an embodied experiment of concepts, a way to demonstrate methods and last but certainly not least, it is play itself.

Here's how to play Synchronized Social Fashion, as well as some of the builds & polaroid artifacts from the exhibition game!